Water PNG step up its People Operations Program

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In its move forward to focus on effective people management; Water PNG today announced its affiliation with Continu Inc. a San Francisco based Software Company which has been driving its internal People Operations and Human Capital initiatives.

Continu is a next generation learning management platform (LMS) that is assisting Water PNG in capacity building, through the use of informal learning, which accounts for more than 70% of learning in the workplace. Designed to increase employee engagement, Continu’s cloud based platform provides a unique user experience and is well suited for the shifting workforce demographic that has become increasingly mobile and social. Water PNG will see significant return on investment (ROI) as Continu augments and reduces the need for in-classroom training. In addition, Continu will assist with increased employee productivity through its highly tailored “bite-sized” content delivery method and ability to enable usage across all modern web browsers, including mobile devices. 

"We are thrilled to be working alongside the forward thinking team at Water PNG to drive effective Recruitment, On-Boarding, Learning and Succession Planning within their organization," said Scott Burgess, CEO of Continu. 

"As an early customer of Continu, Water PNG are not only shaping the direction of the product, but paving the way for other organizations within Papua New Guinea to more accurately engage their employees and make data-driven decisions".

“Continu is on track to roll out its entire product line to Water PNG in the coming months, which includes Recruitment, On-Boarding and People Analytics to form a completely integrated and end-to-end People Operations solution,” Mr. Burgess said.

Mr Raka Taviri Jr, Chief Executive & Managing Director of Water PNG said: “We are excited by the possibilities that are unlocked within our organization through the use of a platform like Continu...”

“Water PNG is one of the small SoEs in the country and though our people management program is relaxed, it has recently become apparent that in order for us to dominate the water supply business, we need to produce a “new-kind of people”.

“I believe that if we are serious about greater people management, we need to reinvent past HR practices.  We need to shift our thinking and focus to new HR principles and processes and I am confident that our investment in a next generation platform such as Continu will assist in raising the standard for People Operations and Human Capital within Papua New Guinea and beyond...”

About Water PNG:

Water PNG was established under National Water Supply and Sewerage Act 1986 as a State-Owned Enterprise with the responsibility for provision and management of Water Supply and Sewerage services throughout Papua New Guinea except in the National Capital District.

About Continu:

Continu is a cloud based Human Resource software solution that helps unlock organizational performance through streamlined Recruitment, On-Boarding, Learning and Analytics. Its People Operations, simplified.