Ialibu Water Project


 Project Information Sheet

(A Government of Papua New Guinea PIP Initiative)

      Project Particulars


Project Name:

Ialibu Pangia District Town Water Supply

Implementation Agency:

Water PNG Ltd (formerly PNG Waterboard)

Project Location:

Ialibu Station, Southern Highlands Province, Highlands Region, Papua New Guinea

Project Sponsor

Government  of Papua New Guinea


Project Description:


The design philosophy will be demand based. This project will supply those areas which are within the town boundary and also the areas which are within the fringes of the town boundary. This includes government institutions such as schools, hospitals, district offices, police stations, PNG power, Telikom. Also non-government organizations such as churches, etc will be served water. Light Industrial areas such as stores, small factories, and operating business arms and outlets will also be served water.


Groundwater source has been identified for the water supply system for Ialibu station with 3 bores being proposed for drilling.