Kokopo Bore 2 FitOut

The Kokopo Bore 2 is one of 7 bores assigned to the service of the Kokopo water supply system. it is the last remaining bore that needs to be constructed and commissioned. After the commissioning of Kokopo Bore 3 on the 30th of October 2014.

The project is located in Palnakaur village of, East New Britain Province, near the Vunabosco Technical High School.

The main objective of the project was to complete construction of the Bore 2 head works. Once in operation, Bore 2 will provide sufficient flow rate combined with the existing bores to meet the growing consumer demand in Kokopo and surrounding areas. Currently all bores are operating at capacity, however some relief has been obtained with the operation of Bore 3.

The scope of works comprises location of 200x200 mm equal tees, fabrication of 4 x short pieces, trenching & laying of head works and construction of sour chamber and pipework.



Pipe coming out from 200mm Tee off. The sluice valve and scour valve are buried before the 200 x 150mm reduce