Tari Water Supply


 Project Information Sheet

(A Government of Papua New Guinea PIP Initiative)

      Project Particulars


Project Name:

Tari Town Water Supply

Implementation Agency:

Water PNG Ltd (formerly PNG Waterboard)

Project Location:

Hela Province, Highlands Region, Papua New Guinea

Base Population:


     Design Population: 11,394 

Project Sponsor:

Government  of Papua New Guinea


Project Description:


The proposed project will comprise of the construction of approximately 5km of 150diameter DICL rising mains, with associated fittings.


— The gravity trunk main and reticulation main comprising of 100mm to 80mm diameter gravity mains. The gravity mains will convey treated water from a Concrete Reservoir 1.5ML at Jalumba. (higher point within state land).


Raw water will be extracted from The sewerage will be treated with 4 No waste stabilization ponds, providing a total volume of about 10,000m3, occupying a combined land area of about xx(m2). Treatment will consist of 1 No. Aerobic pond – 1 No Facultative pond - 2 No Maturation ponds constructed in series.