Eda Ranu, Water PNG merger nearly complete

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The merger of water utility State Owned companies Eda Ranu and Water PNG is nearly complete.
This is according to the Minister responsible for State Enterprise and Public Investment Mr William Duma when asked by this paper on the status of the merger that was revealed as early as 2016 by the SOE minister.
He said the final leg of the process will see the governing legislations for both entities brought to parliament to repeal several provisions within.
“We are nearly there now, and by March, if and when parliament resumes, we will be able to present the amendments to the two governing legislations, namely the National Water Supply and Sewerage Act 1986, which applies to Water PNG and the National Capital District Water Supply and Sewerage Act 1996 which applies to Eda Ranu.
“What we are trying to do is to make simple amendments to two existing laws.
“In the case of Eda Ranu we know that the law says that Eda Ranu can operate in NCD and no other part of the country.
“Where in the case of Water PNG we know that the law says water PNG can operate in other parts of the PNG except NCD.”
He said both acts amendments will be vice-versa so that one company operates all over the country.
Duma said the current acting managing director for both entities, Mr Raka Taviri is currently managing Eda Ranu in its current capacity awaiting the amendments mentioned.
“He is actually managing Eda Ranu now supported by the existing senior management at Eda Ranu whilst waiting for the merger to be completed.
“Once the merger is completed it will have one CEO who will manage one merged entity and that is the intention,” Mr said.