Made by the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (’’Commission”) under Section 21 of the Prices Regulation Act (Chapter 320), and come into operation on 1st January 2023.
This price order amends the Water and Sewerage Prices Order 2022 for Water PNG Limited (Water PNG) as previously published in the National Gazetted No. G886 of 21st December, 2021.


This Price Schedule relates to the maximum Water and Sewerage rates for all Water Supply and Sewerage Services supplied by Water PNG Ltd nationwide. The maximum prices which may be charged by Water PNG Ltd in respect of any accounts issued on or after the date of publication of this Order in the National Gazette (other than arrears which may only be charged at the maximum prices prevailing when those charges were incurred) are as follows:

Nationwide Tariff (Port Moresby & Regional)

Water Supply
1.0 Bands Volume (kl) Tariff (kina)
1.1 Band 1 0.1 to 30 kilolitres K1.45 per kilolitre
1.2 Band 2 31 to 100 kilolitres K2.00 per kilolitres
1.3 Band 3 Above 100 Kilolitres K5.85 per Kilolitres


Sewerage Service
2.0 Bands Volume (kl) Tariff(Kina)
2.1 Band 1 0.1 to 30 kilolitres K1.00 per Kilolitres
2.2 Band 2 31 to 100 Kilolitres K1.50 per kilolitres
2.3 Band 3 Above 100 Kilolitres K3.50 per kilolitres
Standby Fees on Private Bores within Water and Sewerage Declared District
3.1 Standby Fee – Water K5.00 per Kilolitre
3.2 Standby Fee – Sewerage K3.50 per Kilolitre
3.3 Compliance & Licensing At cost - Regulatory functions outside of Water and Sewerage Declared District
Trade Waste Charges
4.0 Categories Criteria Charge ( Kina/Kilolitres)
4.1 Category 1 low strength and low volume (< 500 kl/month) K3.00 per Kilolitres
4.2 Category 2 low strength and high volume (> 500 kl/month but < 1000kl/month) K10.00 per kilolitres
4.3 Category 3 high strength and any volume (> 1000 kl/month K15.00 per kilolitres

Note: Subjected to further consultation with Industrial and Commercial Customers.

Other Services
5.0 Connection Fees Rate (Kina)
5.1 Standard Connections - Water Free
5.2 Non Standard Connection - Water Refer to Headwork Charges below
5.3 Reconnection – Water K55.00 per reconnection
Public/Community Bulk Meters                    Water (Kina)   Metered StandPipes                           Monthly Charge
All registered volume (per kl) K1.00 or as per MOU   Up to 15kl K7.50
Water PNG filling station Coupon sale (per kl) K5.00   Up to 50kl K25.00
      Up to 75kl K40.00
Water and Sewerage Headwork Charges   
Charge Basis Water Headwork Charge (Kina) Sewerage Headwork Charge (Kina)
Charge per Equivalent House Unit (EHU) K1,100 per EHU K1,100 per EHU

The above rates are expressed in Kina and are exclusive of Goods and Services Taxes (GST) applicable effective 1st January 2023 until ICCC issue a new MAP for Water and Sewerage Service Price Order for Water PNG.

Dated this 01st day of January 2023
Authorized by


Parkop Kurua
Chief Executive Officer