WPNG and NCDC Collaborate to Promote Water Conservation in Schools

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Port Moresby, 27th July 2023

Water PNG (WPNG) and the National Capital District Commission (NCDC), led by General Manager Honk Kiap and Acting Manager of Education, Xavier Wablasu, have joined forces in a joint collaboration school awareness program to advocate for the importance of conserving water. The program aims to instill a sense of responsibility among students, encouraging them to become agents of change in conserving and protecting our valuable resource - water.

The awareness campaign kicked off at Boreboa Primary School, located in the Northwest Electorate of the National Capital District. Boreboa Primary School, with an approximate student population of 3000, provided the ideal platform to educate and engage a large number of young minds on the significance of water conservation.

During the program, Mr. Kiap, representative from Water PNG, emphasized the main objective of targeting schools for such awareness initiatives. "Children, from an early age, possess the potential to be our agents of change for conserving and protecting our valuable resource - water," stated Mr. Kiap. By instilling these values early on, it is hoped that future generations will actively contribute to the preservation of water resources.

Xavier Wablasu, acting manager of education for NCDC, expressed his vision for a healthy and active city, highlighting the need for collaboration with all stakeholders, including Water PNG and other partners of NCDC. Addressing the children and teachers, he stated, "The vision of a healthy and active city can only be achieved if we work together to conserve our resources."

The awareness messaging was creatively conveyed through dramatizations performed by the Watete Comedians, engaging the students in an interactive and enjoyable manner. Further, a "Test your Water Sense" question and answer session allowed students to demonstrate their knowledge about water conservation.

As a token of appreciation for hosting the awareness program, Boreboa Primary School received a K1000 contribution, along with merchandise and posters providing tips on how to conserve water. These materials will serve as a constant reminder for students to practice responsible water usage.

Water PNG and NCDC are committed to fostering a culture of water conservation in schools, equipping younger generations with the knowledge and motivation to protect our precious resource. This program marks the beginning of a long-term collaboration between the two organizations, as they continue their efforts to create a sustainable future for all.