20 Year Water Woes in East Hiri Addressed

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By Chris Kinn

The villages along the Motuan Coastline of East Hiri in the new Hiri-Koiari Electorate in Central Province will now enjoy improved water supply system in over 20 years of nil or non-treated drinking water in these areas. This is according to the newly elected member for Hiri-Koiari Hon.

Keith Iduhu MP who paid a visit on the 17th of October to Gaire, Barakau and Tubuserea villages in company of Water PNG’s Chief Executive Officer Mr Parkop Kurua and his staff.
The local member announced to the villagers that the joint visit by Water PNG Management and his electoral staff was to have firsthand understanding of their water plights so that a Memorandum of Understanding can be established with Water PNG to enable a way forward in upgrading the existing system. He further stated that one of his priority development agenda is the provision of quality water supply and sanitation services in his electorate and his team will be working closely with Water PNG in visiting other areas of his electorate including Hiri West in the coming weeks.
At present the ratio of houses per common tap is at fifty to one and this is not for drinking but other domestic uses. However, for drinking the villagers depend on water trucks from Port Moresby that supply these villages at K5.00 per 20 litre can.
“As a State Owned Enterprise responsible for providing water supply and sanitation services to the people of Papua New Guinea, we stand ready to provide expert technical assistance not only to the local member in his endeavours to improve the livelihoods of the people through better water supply system in his electorate but any other Members of Parliament who have similar development plans for their electorates,” said Mr Kurua.
The preliminary visit to these villages was well received by members of the communities who indicated that their 20 year water woes in East Hiri will finally come to an end, thanks to their local Member of Parliament and Water PNG.