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Made by the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission under Section 21 of the Prices Regulation Act (Chapter 320), and to amend the Notice Relating to Water PNG Ltd's 2016 Water and Sanitation Tariffs as previously published in the National Gazette No. G389 of 17th May 2017. This new Order is to come into operation as of 1st of January 2018.

The Notice relating to Water PNG Ltd's 2017 Water and Sanitation Tariffs is amended by this Order as indicated in the following Schedule for 2018.



This Price Schedule relates to the maximum Water and Sanitation rates for all Water Supply and Sanitation services supplied by Water PNG Ltd. The maximum prices which may be charged by Water PNG Ltd in respect of any accounts issued on or after the date of publication of this Order in the National Gazette (other than arrears which may only be charged at the maximum prices prevailing when those charges were incurred) are as follows:



TARIFF  (Kina)

1.0    Water Supply


1.1    0.1 to 15 Kilolitres

  1.50 per kilolitre

1.2    Above 15 Kilolitres

  7.50 per kilolitre



2.0      Sewerage


2.1    0.1 to 15 Kilolitres

  0.50 per kilolitre

2.2    Above 15 Kilolitres

  2.50 per kilolitre

2.3    Sludge Tankers

  At cost



3.0    Connection Fees


3.1    Standard Connections - Water


3.2    Non Standard Connection - Water

  At cost

3.3    Reconnection – Water

  At cost



4.0    Standby Fees


4.1    Standby Fee – Water

  At cost

4.2    Standby Fee – Sewerage

  At cost


 The above rates are expressed in Kina and are exclusive of Goods and Services Taxes (GST).

Dated this 1st day of January 2018


Authorized by

Managing Director of Water PNG Ltd

Mr. Raka Taviri Jr.

Water PNG to provide Technical Assistance for Hiri Koiari Water Supply Projects

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Water PNG Limited and Hiri Koiari District Development Authority (DDA) on Thursday 23 March 2023 to pave way for Water PNG to provide technical assistance to Hiri Koiari Water Supply projects to commence in the electorate.

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Chairman's 2023 World Water Day Message

 Water PNG as a Merged Entity

The Government in its wisdom merged PNG’S two major water utilities, Water PNG and Eda Ranu to better coordinate and drive the WaSH roll out throughout the country. As a merged entity, Water PNG’s has placed an emphasis on transformation, innovation, and growth, driven by our Purpose, Vision, and Mission Statements – providing safe water supply & sanitation services to boost the quality of life and aid the socio-economic development of PNG.

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Water PNG commemorates World Water Day

Water PNG highlights the importance of water and its aims to ensure everyone has access to water and sanitation. WATER is essential for life on Planet Earth. Water is essential for human health and well-being, economic and social development, the production of food, energy and other essentials of life. In fact, our world cannot exist without water.

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Water PNG Farewells Staff with Years of Experience

By Chris Kinn

In a small but significant and moving ceremony, Water PNG’s Board and Executive Management team bid farewell to16 retrenched staff at its Port Moresby Operations office in NCD yesterday.

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20 Year Water Woes in East Hiri Addressed

By Chris Kinn

The villages along the Motuan Coastline of East Hiri in the new Hiri-Koiari Electorate in Central Province will now enjoy improved water supply system in over 20 years of nil or non-treated drinking water in these areas. This is according to the newly elected member for Hiri-Koiari Hon.

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