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  • Construction of new Water Supply in Kerema on track

    Construction of new Water Supply System in Kerema on track

    PORT MORESBY, 16th JULY, 2014: Following the ground breaking ceremony of the construction of the new water supply in Kerema late last year, Water PNG in its recent periodic site visit reported that the stage one construction was on track and work will be completed by the end of the year.

    Team Leader of the Kerema Awareness Campaign and Site Inspection Team Mr. IlaRenagi said: “The construction phase is on track and going smoothly so we should complete in the next six months.”

    He said the Government intends to increase access to clean; safe water supply from 39% to 100 % by 2050 and the development of Kerema Water Supply was in line with the Government’s Vision 2050 under the pillar of infrastructure development that includes roads, bridges, water supply, wharves, and airstrips.

     “A total of K9.1million was committed to complete Stage One and Two of the project while stage three which entails the construction of the Sewerage System will commence thereafter,” Mr. Renagi said.

    He said the two-stage water supply project had received funding support from the Gulf Provincial Government worth K500, 000 while the balance of K8.6million came from the Government’s Public Investment Program (PIP).

    “The stage one construction worth K3.3 million included the construction of the rising main, transmission and distribution mains, elevated water storage tank, installation of chlorination treatment facility and standby generator, house connections, meters and other appurtenances such as valves, fire hydrants, etc; while stage two worth K5.3million included the construction work with extended coverage of supply to the entire residence of Kerema Town.”

    He said that the team will return in August to conduct a customer survey and carry out awareness on the proper use of water and sanitation systems; misuse and wastage of water; educate people of the levels of non-payment; raise awareness on Water PNG services and mandatory its role; and raise awareness on how clean water can improve the quality of life in Kerema

    Mr. Ila Renagi said the priorities for the awareness campaign is linked to the Water PNG Corporate Plan to supply water and sanitation services to all citizens, and on the need for all Papua New Guineans to have access to safe drinking water by 2050.

    He added that there were some discussions on collaborating awareness activities with the Nobel Peace Prize winner Médecins Sans Frontières (the world’s leading independent organisation for medical humanitarian aid) who are currently in Kerema to minimize the spread of tuberculosis through their various vaccination and health programs. 

    Meanwhile, Gulf Province Governor Hon. Havila Kavo who had met up with the team at the GMI Hotel in Kerema during its site committee meeting; expressed his continued support of the utilization of the NBC land in Kerema.

    Governor Kavo maintained his appeal to the local landowners to refrain from demanding any land compensation as this will hinder the development and advancement of the province.

    Water PNG Chief Executive and Managing Director Mr. Raka Taviri said: “Water PNG is very prudent in its limited funding resources but always promotes the importance of access to clean, safe drinking water and the benefits it brings to improved living standard and stimulate economic growth.”

    Gulf Governor Hon. Havila Kavo arrives for the meeting at GMI      Hotel in Kerema.


    Water PNG’s Ila Renagi chairs the committee meeting.



  • Commissioning of the Morokea Pipeline Extension in Kimbe, West New Britain Province

    Commissioning of the Morokea Pipeline Extension in Kimbe, West New Britain Province

    PORT MORESBY, 16th of July 2014:  Water PNG recently commissioned the extension of the water supply pipeline in Morokea, Kimbe, West New Britain Province. This means more people will receive safe, clean and treated water from their household taps.

    The commissioning of the pipeline was held jointly with Water PNG 4th Board Meeting of 2014. The Water PNG Board and Management make it a priority to visit one Business Centre each year as part of their annual Board program.

    Water PNG Deputy Board Chairman Mr. Peter Pokawin who officiated the event said such commissioning was timely and was evident of a promising and steady growth of Water PNG services throughout the country especially in the provincial and district towns.

    Amidst provincial representatives and IPBC representative who are the shareholders of this project, Water PNG Chief Executive – Managing Director Mr. Raka Taviri Jnr. when delivering his speech said: “Water is the key to us all and so this is a very significant day where we witness the service delivery of treated water to the door steps of the people in Kimbe.”

    Mr. Taviri while congratulating the Kimbe Business Center Team on a job well done thanked the Board for its continued support and commended Senior Project Engineer Ms. Jacquetta Simet for managing the project and ensuring it was completed on time and on budget.

    “It is not a million kina project but its return will be beneficial to us all,” he said.

    Meanwhile Water PNG Kimbe Business Center Manager Mr. Patrick Jinimbo in his welcome speech thanked the Management and Board for making this project possible.

    “We believe that this project will have a business impact and will build up the customer base here in Kimbe,” Mr. Jinimbo said.

    He said the total number of expected connections from this extension is estimated at a little over 100 while the total new connections are estimated at about 129.

    “During and after the construction of the Pipeline Project there was actual increase in Kina sales as new customers were registered and connected.”

    He said from monthly sales of K166, 000 in January 2013 there was an overwhelming increase of more than 50% in the sales figures totaling to K267, 136.

    “With the current trend continuing it is expected that Kina Sales will increase to an estimated K300,000 per month,” he said.

    Senior Project Engineer Ms. Jacquetta Simet said the total cost of the project was K286, 205. 39 and started in 2012 with materials procurement for the trunk main with the construction of the 2.9Km 100mm diameter Upvc pipeline beginning in 2013.

    She said the Morokea Pipeline extension is a 2.9km 100mm diameter pipeline extension from the Kimbe General hospital to about 200m from the Dagi Bridge along the New Britain highway to Nivani.

    After the launch, the visiting team was taken on tour around the small but busy Kimbe town and to the treatment plant and the new bore.  The team then took a 2-hour drive up to Bialla the next day to see the new Water Supply System which was launched early May last year. Bialla is one of the first district towns to have a water supply system under the Government’s PIP program.